The BeddyBear Quality

A Good Insulated Water Bottle!

Basically that is what the BeddyBear Quality entails. Effort and care have been put into the design and production, bringing together quality and good looks. Take a look at what makes ours a good insulated water bottle.

1. Excellent Temperature Retention Capabilities

BeddyBear Vacuum Product Series have a temperature retention capability of up to 24 hours. 

Double Wall Vacuum Construct

This is made possible by its double-walled vacuum insulation technology. Double layers of stainless steel with a vacuum between them locks in the temperature and prevents heat loss. This enable hot drinks to remain at their optimal temperature for prolonged hours. Similarly, the vacuum also prevents heat from penetrating through. Ensuring that you will have your icy cold thirst quencher in the hot summer.

Copper Plated Interior

The interior layer of the stainless steel is covered with a copper plated thermal layer which has excellent thermal properties. It prevents the transfer of heat through radiation and enhances the temperature retention capability of the product. The copper plated thermal layer also increases the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel. This maintains the quality and freshness of your food and drinks.

2. High Corrosion Resistant Properties

BeddyBear Vacuum Product Series are made of either Type 304 (18/8) or Type 316 (18/10) surgical stainless steel.

Type 304 & 316 Surgical Stainless Steel

It is an austenitic steel that usually has the highest corrosion resistance due to its high nickel content. Both types of stainless steel have good oxidation and heat resistant properties as well as excellent low temperature properties. 

Superior Corrosion Resistance

Compared with Type 304 Stainless Steel, Type 316 Stainless Steel has more superior corrosion resistant properties due to its higher nickel content. There is also the presence of molybdenum which drastically enhances corrosion resistance. The good quality stainless steel also prevents the growth of bacteria. Thus, you can have peace of mind consuming food or drinks from our BeddyBear Products without fear of them turning bad.

3. Ability to Withstand High Temperatures

BeddyBear Glass Mugs and Bottles are made of high borosilicate glass. They are easy to clean and  are corrosion resistant.

High Borosilicate Glass Properties

They are able to withstand high temperatures of up to 200°C / 392°F. Borosilicate glass does not expand like ordinary glass and has the ability to withstand different temperatures at the same time. It will not break when there is a sudden change in the temperature of its content. 

4. Food Safe and Durable Plastic

BeddyBear products contain parts that are made of food grade polypropylene material which is safe for food contact. 

FDA Approved BPA Free Tritan Plastic

BeddyBear Children Plastic Bottles are made of FDA Approved BPA Free Tritan Plastic. They are clear, safe, odorless and durable. They are also able to withstand rough handling and falls from height. Definitely an ideal product for young toddlers and children.

5. Environment Friendly

The sealing rings in BeddyBear products are made of natural silicone which is heat resistant. The straws in BeddyBear Children Bottles are made of BPA free Europe imported silicone, which complies with the European standards and are non-hazardous and environment friendly.

6. Leak-Proof Design

BeddyBear Products come with leak-proof design to prevent leaks and accidental spillage. You can safely place it in your bag and bring it along for work, shopping or outdoor activities with peace of mind.

Do our part for mother nature

As the world strives to reduce its global carbon footprint, you can do your part by investing in a BeddyBear product which is reusable and durable. This will go a long way in reducing waste and making the world a better place to live in. Our BeddyBear products are suitable for all ages. You can select from our wide range of products that suit your needs.

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