About Us

Little Girls with BeddyBear Insulated Flask and Balloons
2 Boys with BeddyBear Kids Bottles

Our Humble Beginning

Back then we thought we have found an awesome product, like the shopaholics we are, we bought them and tried them out. Because we love them so much, we bought many of them!

Then we thought to ourselves, "So what's next?"

"Let's tell the world about this product!"

So we located the manufacturer, proposed our plan and thus our humble beginning. BeddyBear Insulated Water Bottle is how ThermalWares.com started, dedicated to selling only quality insulated wares at fair and affordable prices. We hope you, our prospective buyers, will come to love them as well!

Who Are We

We are 2 ordinary people who love to shop and who dream of opening a store selling things we love!

And this is our Story so Far