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Insulated Water Bottles, Flasks and Mugs

Insulated Water Bottles, Flasks and Mugs

Insulated Water Bottles, Flasks and Mugs

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Insulated Water Bottle

It is essential to stay well hydrated and an insulated water bottle is the perfect companion for the job. A cold drink in the hot summer or a hot cup of your favorite beverage in the winter does wonders. Our BeddyBear Thermal Water Bottles do just that! Keeping your drinks or food at the temperature they should be.

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What makes a Good Insulated Water Bottle

PNG Version of BeddyBear Vacuum Flask Cup Cap Series Flowers Design Without Cap (Laid Down)

Quality Construct

Our BeddyBear insulated water bottles are crafted with 304 and 316 surgical grade stainless steel

PNG version of BeddyBear Vacuum Flask Classic Prints Series Strawberry Design with Open Flip Cap

Superior Temperature Retention

Our insulated bottle's double wall vacuum construct ensures 24 hours of temperature retention for both hot and cold fluids

PNG Version of BeddyBear Vacuum Flask Wave Design in Metallic Silver with Black Screw Cap off (beside the flask)

Leak Proof

Its leak proof design ensures peace of mind when you carry it along for all kinds of activities

PNG version of Screw Cap for BeddyBear Vacuum Flask Mini Series Black Color


Sourced from and made with Eco-friendly food grade polypropylene and BPA Free material

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The BeddyBear Insulated Water Bottle Brand

BeddyBear originates from Korea. It signifies Love & Companionship for the people you care about. Hence our BeddyBear products are crafted with quality and care!

Insulated Water Bottles for any Occasion

There is an insulated water bottle for every occasion and every need. From carrying your child's favorite drink to packing a meal made with love in our carefully crafted Insulated Food Container. Or a trip to the Gym with our Insulated Sports Bottle to our cola shaped Insulated Drink Bottle for those who wants to make a statement. 

Check out some of our bottles below or visit our Store for more designs!

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Our Range of Insulated Water Bottles

Whatever your taste or need may be, we believe you will find something you love in our store. We believe in bringing quality products to our customers; that is products that we ourselves will use. Each of our bottles, flasks and mugs are beautifully designed & well built. They are meant to be your long term companion. Check out our range of other Thermal Wares below!

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BeddyBear Vacuum Flask Cup Cap Series

Thermal Water Bottles

BeddyBear thermal water bottles are designed with double-wall surgical stainless steel and lined with a copper plated layer in the vacuum to increase their ...

BeddyBear Insulated Coffee Mug With Handle in Pink, Grey, Black and White Colors

Insulated Cups & Mugs

Our selection of insulated cups and mugs provides up to 24 hours of temperature retention, allowing you to savor your favorite coffee or tea ...

BeddyBear 21 oz Children's Insulated Water Bottle

Kids Insulated Water Bottle

For kids, our insulated water bottles are designed to be child safe and friendly. There are many vibrant colors and attractive designs ...

BeddyBear Vacuum Food Container Prints Series

Insulated Food Container

Hoping to pack some home-cooked food and eat them warm during lunch like they are just fresh off the stove? Our insulated food containers are meant ...

BeddyBear Insulated Sports Water Bottle Cup Cap Series in Pink, Black, White and Red Colors

Insulated Sport Bottles

Insulated sports bottle for the active soul! Designed to be tough and durable, it is your perfect companion to all sorts of indoor and outdoor activities ...

BeddyBear Glass Lined Water Bottle in Pink/Dark Pink, White/Pink, Grey/White and White/Black Colors

Glass Mugs & Tumblers

Having your coffee/Tea on the go is common nowadays and disposable cups are harmful for the environment. Check out our glass mugs & tumblers ...

FREE Laser Engraving

Make your insulated water bottle UNIQUE by using our personalization service! 


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